Complete Wedding Experience

We will take care of organising the wedding from the first minute you decide to get married until even after the wedding. We design and prepare your day with you. We help you by providing the most appropriate ideas according to the wedding you imagine. We become your advisors and partners throughout the process, managing everything as a whole so that your wedding tells your story and identifies you. This service is designed for the couple who want to enjoy 100% of both their wedding day and everything in the organisation process, since we will take care of anything related to your wedding that you want to delegate.

We will be by your side to help you with the decoration, details, transporation, care and beauty, accomodation …… we will help you select the suppliers that adapt to what you are looking for, according to preferences, style and budget, and we will ensure that everything goes perfectly on your day, without you having to be aware or worry about of anything.

Search of Suppliers

This type of service offers the necessary help to resolve any type of doubt or problem that may arise and help you find the suppliers you are looking for your celebration.

We define one or serveral sessions in which you tell us your ideas and, from there, we research and offer at least 2 options that will fit with what you are looking for so you
can decide. We are aware that we work for people who are going to celebrate the most beautiful day of their lives.

We are also aware that we work for couples who will celebrate the most beautiful day of their lives and that is why we are here to help and not to limit. For this reason, we like to specify that we do not work with commissions from suppliers, which is why we can guarantee that we always work without limits to find the professional that best fits your needs, negotiating the best prices and conditions for you.


Decoration is a fundamental part of the celebration and will be what we discuss with you about your wedding. For this reason, we believe the eye is in the detail. Since this will make a difference and will feel more personal and special on your wedding day.

We help you to shape your ideas trying to seek the personalisation of your wedding through all the big and small details that will be present throughout this day. We do not want your wedding to be «one more wedding». Therefore, our goal is to help you create an experience that tells your story so that both you and your guests can enjoy it that day and keep it in your memory forever.

Day of Coordination

This service is only focused on the coordination of the wedding day.

A few days before, we meet with you and get in contact with your contracted suppliers, to understand first hand the details chosen for the big day. We make sure that all the elements of the wedding go as planned, minimising any margins of error or solving the mishaps that may occur.
We outline the timing and reassure the couple with support leading up to the day of the wedding.

This service is perfect for those couples who want to enjoy their day to the fullest without having to worry about the organisational issues during the celebration or having to delegate certain tasks to their guests.

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